The Hidden Food Source Living on Your Verge

11 Jul 2023


Living in urban areas means having access to plenty of amenities, but it also means that in some cases, we may miss the opportunity to connect with nature and the natural environment around us. However, there is something truly amazing that most of us are often unaware of that we can find right outside our doorsteps: the food source living on garden verges.

Garden verges in Australia are a rich source of food that most of us take for granted. From edible weeds to fruit trees, there is a wide range of delicious foods that you can gather and add to your diet. Eating food from garden verges can provide several health benefits that can enhance your overall well-being. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of eating food from garden verges in urban areas.

Garden Verges Offer Nutritious Food:

The edges of gardens are a great source of nutritious greens--or "weeds"--that we should consider incorporating into our diets. Some of these plants are grown intentionally in gardens, while others spring up wild in recently disturbed areas. Some garden verge plants that we should consider are chickweed, wild dandelion greens, baby nettles, and lamb's quarters.

Garden Verges are Free Food:

One of the best things about garden verges is that they are free. It doesn't cost you anything to walk along the verge and gather some green goodies. Additionally, you'll know that you're getting the freshest produce possible. This means that there are no middle-men, no transport costs, or storage fees.

Garden Verges Offer a Connection to Nature:

Gathering food from garden verges means having a direct connection with nature. It is a way to slow down and appreciate the world around us. For kids, this is an excellent way to teach them about the plants and animals that call their neighbourhood home.

Garden Verges Reduce Food Waste:

If we all gathered some of the food that grows on verges, it would bring down the amount of food that we discard. An enormous amount of edible food is thrown away each day around the world!

Garden Verges Promote Biodiversity:

Eating food from garden verges in the cities encourages the growth of new and creative habitats for wildlife. When we gather the food, it sends a message that the verge is valued and appreciated. It's an excellent way to keep cities green, to promote the growth of new habitats, and to create a better environment for us all to live in.

Garden verges are a hidden gem that most urban people overlook. It's time to change that. By slowing down, gaining a connection with nature, reducing food waste, adding nutritious food to our diets, and promoting biodiversity in our cities, we can all benefit from the forgotten food source on our front lawns. Are you ready to give your local garden verge a chance? With the right caution, you can enrich your diet and deepen your relationship with the world around you. So next time you take a stroll around your block, consider the free, healthy, and wonderful resource that's available to you and your family.