Green Corridor

one verge at a time!

Imagine a world of overheated neighbourhoods, without birds, leaves, insects or wildlife.

Your Community

It's crucial to establish wildlife breeding trails throughout suburbia. These trails not only provide essential habitats for animals but also allow for necessary migration patterns. By implementing these breeding trails, we can guarantee the preservation of wildlife and the rejuvenation of our communities with their presence.

Cooling Suburbia

Keeping cool during Australia's scorching summers is becoming increasingly crucial. Especially true for those living in suburban areas, heat can easily get trapped within the tightly packed buildings and streets. Cooling suburbia isn't just about comfort, though. Excessive air conditioning puts a strain on energy grids.

Wildlife Habitat

Suburban living doesn't typically conjure up images of wild animals roaming freely, but in Australia, it's a reality. The country boasts incredible wildlife, with species found nowhere else in the world. However, with suburbia rapidly expanding, their habitat is quickly shrinking. This is where green corridors come into play.

Nature's Bounty

Edible verges in suburbia provide a source of food for wildlife that may otherwise be struggling due to habitat loss. It can inspire individuals to grow their own edible gardens. By incorporating edible verges into suburban landscapes, we can create a more vibrant and ecologically diverse community.

Cooling Suburbia

Neighbourhood of no trees, black roads, black roofs

A Resilient Approach to Heat

It's no secret that Australian suburbs are facing a major challenge with the urban heat island effect. The surge of townhouse and apartment developments, along with a staggering amount of paved surfaces, has caused extreme heat and discomfort for residents. Thankfully, there is a solution at hand - green infrastructure. By working together, local councils, governments, and communities can create innovative green spaces through urban design and bolster community engagement. This will combat the urban heat island effect and result in healthier and more liveable urban environments. So let's band together and harness the power of green infrastructure to build a more resilient and sustainable future, one Aussie suburb at a time!

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Your Community

Coming Together to Green Up Neighbourhoods & Cities

Coming Together to Green Up Urban & City

As concerns about the environment grow, Australians have been showing an impressive dedication to greening up their neighbourhoods and cities. From community gardens to tree-planting initiatives, citizens are taking the power of their communities into their own hands. In some cities, the government has even gotten involved in the efforts, providing funding and resources to support the movement. The impact of these efforts goes beyond just aesthetics and environmentalism. They help to bring communities together, building a sense of pride and ownership in their neighbourhoods.

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Wildlife Habitat

Fireworks on the Swan River, Perth

Long-Lasting Impacts of Fireworks on Wildlife

As we approach the season of holiday cheer, it's easy to get lost in the excitement of fireworks displays. But, have we ever paused to think about the effect they have on our local wildlife? The truth is, the dazzling shows can have a grave impact on our furry companions, and we have to do better this year. So, as we set our sights on the impending festivities, let's take a moment to consider our actions. With small measures to protect our environment and the creatures that reside within it, we can all make a difference. So, let's make a commitment to celebrate responsibly and sustainably this season, spreading joy and goodwill that extends beyond just us humans.

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Natures Bounty

The Delicious Finger Lime Tree

The Delicious Finger Lime Tree

Finger limes are a unique and exciting addition to any garden verge. These small fruits are packed with flavour and can be used in a variety of dishes, from salads to cocktails. Not only are finger limes tasty, but they also bring a splash of colour to your garden with their vibrant green and yellow hues. Growing finger limes on your garden verge is a great way to promote biodiversity in the area and support local wildlife, as these fruits are a favourite among birds and other animals. Plus, they're incredibly easy to grow and require very little maintenance. So why not add a little zest to your garden verge with some finger limes?

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